Tyler Herro has been calling himself “a bucket” since his college days at Kentucky, but Paul Pierce disagrees until he averages 20 points in the NBA regular season.

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The definition of “a bucket” is a basketball player you can depend on to score (get buckets) when you give them the ball despite the circumstances.

Tyler Herro is the breakout 2nd year Miami Heat shooting guard that put up 37 points against the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals Game 4 matchup.

Tyler had been known as a great shooter with a lot of confidence prior to his playoff career-high, but his performance in Game 4 made the world take notice.

The thing I like most about Tyler is his confidence. He is not afraid of the moment, and he has no fear.

I’m sure Paul Pierce felt a little spicy about Tyler Herro’s performance because it was against his Boston Celtics, the team he won a championship with, and the team that has his retired jersey hanging in the rafters.

On a pre-game segment Paul Pierce said he refuses to call Tyler Herro a bucket until he averages 20pts. in the regular season.

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Tyler is averaging 21 points, 7 rebounds, and 5 assists in the playoffs, which is harder to do than the regular season so I’m not sure what Mr. Pierce is talking about.

I’m with Tyler Herro on this one Spicy P! I agree that Tyler is a bucket. Tyler has an amazing skill set and complete confidence in himself.

Rachel Nichols asked Tyler Herro about where the “I’m a bucket” terminology comes from and Tyler’s response was perfect.

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There is no denying that Tyler Herro is a baller, but a lot of people may not know that he also has swag.

Tyler is considered to be one of the best-dressed players by his teammates, and he will confirm it for you himself.

I’m looking forward to watching Tyler Herro in his first NBA Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers, Game 1 starts Wednesday at 9:00 pm.

Don’t sleep on the Miami Heat, they can compete with the Lakers!

Do you think Tyler Herro is a bucket?