Bella Thorne is being dragged through the streets of social media after she banked $2 MILLION in one week after joining the subscription-only social media platform.

Not only is the 22-year-old actress being accused of scamming fans out of $200 she is also being blamed for ruining Only Fans for other content creators. 

Apparently, the platform rolled out some new rules and regulations in the wake of Bella’s massive earnings and folks are NOT happy about it. 

The biggest change is now creators will have to wait 30 days for payouts rather than 7 days.

Twitter user @shaperka gave the scoop on what went down:

If you’ve seen Only Fans girls complaining about Bella Thorne and were confused why (like me)

‘it should be great, she’s bringing more people to the platform’ well I just found out some not so good news for the people on OnlyFans. Thread

You can sign up to someone’s only fans with a monthly subscription and then on top of that they can offer special/personalized content for extra money and tips. Bella offered a ‘nude photoshoot’ for $200, however all of her bits were covered so lots of people wanted refunds.

Normally if you lied about the content offered, I assume only fans would ban you but because of the press coverage/her being a celebrity or just the pure amount of money she has made, they instead decided to make some changes to the entire website and the system.

ALL creators now get paid monthly instead of weekly. They have put limitations on tips and how much you can charge for your content. I think it’s $100 and $50 max for a tip. Now you’re thinking that’s probably not that bad but there’s a lot at stake for some of the creators.

Also they did it without letting anyone know. Everyone had to find out about it through trial and error on the website. Some people offered high quality studio personalized porn scenes that would cost like $500 but they are now unable to sell that.

So I guess most people are angry that a celebrity was basically scamming people by not delivering the content promised and everyone else has had cut down income without a warning.

I hope it’s just a quick fix and they’re trying to figure out how to do this better. Good luck 

Peep the tweets about Bella Thorne below:

Bella Thorne claims she is using the revenue from her Only Fans page to fund her production company.

Source: LA Times

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