The Milwaukee Bucks Lead The NBA Protest In Honor Of Jacob Blake

The MILWAUKEE BUCKS were scheduled to play against the ORLANDO MAGIC at 4:00pm (EST), but they did not take the court because they are standing up for justice.

Shortly after the news broke about the BUCKS protest, all the other teams scheduled to play tonight joined the BUCKS in protest.

The HOUSTON ROCKETS, OKC THUNDER, PORTLAND TRAILBLAZERS, & LA LAKERS have all decided not to play tonight because of the continuous police brutality and social injustice in America.

There is a meeting scheduled for 8:00pm tonight to discuss how the players and the NBA will move forward.

The NBA released this notice in the wake of the teams protesting:

LeBron James tweeted this earlier today:

Kyrie Irving professed this exact situation before the NBA restart and people clowned him, let the tweets speak:

Basketball is my favorite sport, but before the NBA restart I wondered why they would restart the season with CVD-19 running rampant and social injustice on the minds and hearts of many.

I wonder what happens now… The meeting at 8:00pm tonight supposed to give us some answers, but what will those answers be?…

Do you think the NBA playoffs will be cancelled?

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