Artist & Legendary Radio Personality Miss Jones Speaks On The Dark Side Of Radio

Miss Jones recently appeared on “Cocktails with Queens” and shared a scandalous radio story.

Lisa Raye started the conversation by giving Miss Jones praise for being recognized as the first Black woman to have a syndicated morning show on Hot 97.

She then asked Miss Jones, “Why was that such a historic moment for our culture, specifically Black women in the 90s?”

After some friendly banter, Miss Jones responded:

I think why it was so important is because up until that point women in the morning were simply laugh tracks to the guys.

Even when I did mornings with Star and Buc Wild, I would get yelled at afterwards if I didn’t, uh, go along with his shenanigans sometimes.

Which would later on lead to my dismissal.

…I was in contract renegotiation and then Star went to our boss, then at the time, and told her that he didn’t want me on the show anymore because I stood up for the Aaliyah, uh, he made fun of her dying, and I walked out.

Claudia Jordan chimed in and agreed that men run radio, and Syleena Johnson added that men run music too.

Miss Jones said she has always had an independent spirit and she never was the one to go along to get along.

The conversation then shifted to her music endeavors.

Watch the Miss Jones interview from “Cocktails with Queens” below:

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