Vivica A. Fox speaks on Nick Cannon (1)
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Vivica A. Fox doesn’t approve of Nick Cannon‘s attempt to start his very own community of children.

On the latest episode of “Cocktails with Queens,” Claudia Jordan, LisaRaye McCoy, Syleena Johnson, and Vivica weighed in on Nick announcing Brittany Bell was pregnant with her third child and his 10th.

Abby De La Rosa, who already shares a set of twins with Nick, is also expecting a child with him (baby No. 9) in October.

LisaRaye and Syleena took the stance of Nick Cannon knows what he’s doing and it’s his choice to do things in his own way.

They added that Nick says he has and seems to maintain a great relationship with his children and their mothers.

But, Vivica isn’t with the shizznits!

She admitted, “I don’t like it.”

“Y’all can be like, ‘Well, he got money, this, that, and the third.’ But the foundation of Black families, especially a strong father figure is needed. This isn’t a good representation of it…in my opinion.”

Claudia agreed with Vivica adding, “We go in on people like Future and not to say that he’s the same but at the end of the day … Nick Cannon has an empire. So, do you have time for all of these kids?”

Vivica A. Fox chimed in again saying, “And not just there to take pictures and it’s cute and oh my God I’m at the birthday party.”

“Children deserve a father figure…especially young boys! They need positive father figures…especially African America – cause they Black! Just providing a check…I’ve seen so many people that in the past have dated athletes and have gotten child support. What if he gets hurt? Things happen.”

Watch the convo below. (12:53 mark)

Nick Cannon is apparently on a mission to start his own Cannon Community and if his collection of baby mamas are fine with it…so be it.

What are your thoughts on the Cannon Community?


  1. All this back and forth with sharing, they might as well gone on and be sister wives move in together and continue sharing Nick under 1 roof.

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