Columbus Short on Cocktails with Queens

Columbus Short recently opened up about his frustrations because his work and talent appear to have taken a back seat to his indiscretions. 

You may recall, the True to the Game star was recently arrested after a domestic incident with his wife, Aida Short.

Columbus took to social media to address the arrest with a video statement. 

The caption on the video read: 

I AM not an abusive man nor am I on drugs but drinking alcohol makes my mouth get a little out of pocket. That’s the truth. My wife and I are working on our marriage. 

He later learned that TMZ would be running a story revealing he was charged with two misdemeanors – one for domestic violence and one for child endangerment.

Columbus Short took to Instagram and he was visibly upset as he denounced the report and challenged Harvey Levin to get the smoke. 

During his interview on “Cocktails with Queens,” Columbus shared his disappointment in only getting press when it’s something negative.

It’s like I’m more famous for being an alleged abuser than I am for the work that I’ve really put in my entire life.

Columbus went on to share he is in therapy and was diagnosed with chronic PTSD and generalized anxiety.

At one point in the interview, Columbus is joined by his wife, Aida, and Vivica A. Fox gives them some real talk wrapped in love.

Watch the full interview below. 

The good news is Columbus Short is remaining positive, he’s in therapy, and working on himself.

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