LisaRaye McCoy - Da Brat pregnant

LisaRaye, who is mourning the recent passing of her mother, is now trending in the streets of social media thanks to a false report claiming she’s upset after finding out about Da Brat‘s pregnancy online.

Da Brat and her wife, Jesseca “Judy” Harris-Dupart, announced they are expecting their first child together on the “Sherri” show.

The 48-year-old rapper is now 18 weeks pregnant.

Someone, who was feeling messy, recycled an old interview LisaRaye did a while back on “It’s Tricky with Raquel Harper,” where talked about finding out Da Brat was pregnant on social media.

It was during a time where the sister’s relationship was in a very odd and uncomfortable place for both of them.

They have since worked out their issues and mended their relationship.

However, the original interview, which is now being quoted as new, was actually done in 2022, when Brat and Judy first announced they were expecting their first child together.

Here’s our original report about their announcement.

Sadly, we later learned the couple suffered a miscarriage.

To add fuel to the fire, Raquel Harper reposted the false story, which seemed to validate the report for those who weren’t paying attention to when the interview was done or when it originally aired.

When she was called out about it, Raquel took to her Instagram Story with a very spicy message:

All I can say is I offer prayers to @thereallraye1 who just lost her mother…I have no time for this tricky stuff today…

The interview I did with @thereallraye1 is from months ago not today…I only posted because I thought it was from a story today and that my interview was just getting brought back up from something currently. 

I will not have my blood pressure raised today you wicked f**kers…

Go find someone else to play with literally…I am not the one…

Yall are nuts and sick if you think I give a half of f**k about the fake a** bullsh*t that is being painted…

See her original posts below.

Raquel Harper - LisaRaye - Da Brat pregnant

As I mentioned earlier, LisaRaye is trending on social media as people react to a false story that paints her as an overbearing “needs-to-know-everything” sister.

Read a few tweets below.

It’s so unfortunate that LisaRaye is being dragged through the mud over a false report while she’s mourning the death of her mother.

Please say a prayer for her and the McCoy family during this difficult time.

Shame on whoever is responsible for this messy mess.

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