'Cocktails With Queens’ Speak On Amber Rose Clapping Back At Critics Saying She “Denounced” Being Black

Cocktails with Queens” support Amber Rose’s clap back at a resurfaced interview from 2015, implying that she doesn’t identify as Black.

In response to the resurfaced interview, Amber posted:

Bruh the Internet is remedial as f**k y’all know exactly what I was saying as a mixed person about not fitting in anywhere on BOTH SIDES now y’all wanna act like I hate being in black spaces.

Vivica Fox said she met Amber, and she flew on a flight back from Canada with her one day, and she’s a lovely lady.

People just need to leave her alone.

Syleena Johnson said it is foolishness to think she’s against Black people because she has Black children.

She also drove home the point that White America views Amber as Black.

Claudia Jordan, who is half White had the most aggressive response.

You know, when you are biracial you can’t win speaking on this topic so it’s almost best to not say sh*t!

You will not make everybody happy. You’ll piss somebody off.

You say you black, they say you ain’t Black enough b***h, you can’t sit with us.

You acknowledge your White parent, they say you are filled with self-hate and you hate yourself because of some imaginary scenario they put together.

It is a horrible position to be in.

I’m not trying to give y’all mulatto tears and feel sympathy for me, I’m beyond that, but I feel like there is no right answer in this conversation!

If she says she’s Black, people say b***c you too light-skin you can’t call yourself Black.

If she says well I do have a White parent, y’all gonna come for her on that.

You’ll never be happy. The people that are commenting will never be happy.

So, go with how you feel.

When I grew up I never had an issue with what I was, I always knew I was Black.

I grew up with the Black side. My mom’s White, but on my entire Black side is in America so that’s who I grew up with.

I wasn’t confused, but in the Cape Verdean culture, I’ve said it before they are very negative and filled with colorists.

They want you to marry White and dilute your blood even further.

So I get where she’s coming from, although, I don’t say what she says.

But that’s on her. Let people be them, and shut the f**k up, and leave her alone!

Watch the clip from “Cocktails with Queens” below:

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