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Andrew Gillum Tells Tamron Hall ‘I Identify As Bisexual’ (Video)

Andrew Gillum came out as bisexual in his highly anticipated sit down with Tamron Hall.

The Florida Democrat and former gubernatorial candidate, who made headlines after he was found in a shenanigan-filled Miami Beach hotel room in March, told Tamron he does not identify as gay.

He stated, “I identify as bisexual.

You didn’t ask the question, you put it out there of whether I identify as gay.

The answer is I don’t identify as gay but I do identify as bisexual and that is something that I’ve never shared publicly before.

Watch the clip below:


During her first-ever live after show, Tamron shared a clip of Andrew talking about his bisexuality and his infidelity.

Watch below (4:38 mark):

Well, at least Andrew Gillum is living in his truth.

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