Porsha Williams felt attacked Tamron Hall Show

Porsha Williams, who sat in as a guest co-host of “The Breakfast Club” on Monday, revealed she felt “almost attacked” when she was a guest on the “Tamron Hall” show.

The morning show was discussing the fallout from Angela Yee’s interview with Tamron where she stated that she was the only woman who worked on “The Breakfast Club.” 

Porsha attempted to shoot Angela some bail saying, “If she probably had a chance instead of talking to Tamron, she would have been able to expound on that.” 

The former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star continued:

But, when you have someone like a Tamron talking to you and she’s giving you accolades, and she’s raising you up to do nothing but set you up to say something that’s going to be catchy and she can look like a journalist.

Then, that’s where you find Angela in this place…you know trending for the wrong thing.

That remark opened the door to another discussion about the “Tamron Hall” show. 

Charlamagne Tha God said, “I feel like Tamron Hall and her producers got together at some point and said, ‘Look, Wendy Williams is leaving so somebody on daytime TV has to be messy.’”

He added, “Because it feels like Tamron being messy on that show lately. Is it just me?”

It’s not just Charlamagne because Tamron was recently trending after she put a full-court press on Larsa Pippen when she was a guest on the show.

Larsa called her out on it during a commercial break.

Porsha Williams shared that she felt almost attacked when she was a guest on Tamron’s show. 

I went on Tamron’s show and I was so excited, okay! I mean, she’s a beautiful Black woman. She’s branched off and got her own show. 

I did not necessarily feel supported on her show. 

Did I expect her to agree with everything… I was promoting my book, ‘The Pursuit of Porsha.’

I didn’t expect her to agree with everything. But, there was a turn where it turned from her just asking questions about the book to her kinda almost attacking me.

Almost making me feel like I had to justify anything that I had going on and it just didn’t feel good. 

Watch below as the hosts of “The Breakfast Club” discuss Angela Yee and the “Tamron Hall” show.

Just for reference, here is a clip from Porsha Williams’ interview with Tamron below.

Here is a clip of DJ Envy and his wife, Gia Casey, on the “Tamron Hall” show.

He also claims to have had a not-so-nice experience on the show. But, noted when his wife checked Tamron – it was edited out.

Do you think Tamron is getting messier in the streets of daytime TV?

Despite the criticism, the show has been renewed for another season, so Tamron isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon!

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