Yvonne Orji Calls Tamron Hall Out For Saying She Couldn’t Pay Her Wi-Fi Bill

Yvonne Orji recently appeared on the “Tamron Hall” show and she took the opportunity to remind Tamron that she tried to play her about not being able to pay her Wi-Fi bill the last time she was on the show.

Cause the last time I was here you played me…. Roll the clip!

Tamron explained to the audience that the last time Yvonne was on, she joined “the show on Zoom with Wi-Fi she did not pay the bill for.”

Yvonne responded:

Wow! First of all, first of all, nah nah nah… That was pre-strike. That’s when I had money.

That was pre-strike, so…

Tamron then requested her production team to roll the tape.

The footage revealed Issa Rae as the in-studio guest and Tamron saying, “And Yvonne finally got her Wi-Fi together. Yvonne, you’re on a successful show on HBO. You can’t pay your Wi-Fi bill?

Watch the clip of the Yvonne Orji interview on the “Tamron Hall” show below.

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