K. Michelle Says She ‘Hurting’ Over ‘Mercedes’ Role In ‘P-Valley’: ‘I Auditioned For Months’ (Video)

K. Michelle is trending on social media after revealing she auditioned for the role of Mercedes in “P-Valley” and she’s still hurting about not getting it.

During an Instagram Live video, the singer and reality TV star admitted when her fans compare her to Brandee Evans, who stars in the show as Mercedes that it “hurts so bad.”

I auditioned for months as this part as Mercedes and it was between me and her [Brandee Evans].

My body wasn’t together. I had holes in me. She does an amazing job at what she does, but I haven’t even watched it in the full. I watched it – the first couple of episodes cause it hurts so bad.

Nothing hurts me so bad then to see y’all comparing me and doing this ‘P—y Valley’ thing because I was that close – that was my first role that I was really that close to getting.

It hurts so bad.

K. Michelle went on to share she’s cried for days about not getting the role and even fell into a depression.

Watch the clip below:

K. Michelle is now trending on Twitter as people share their thoughts on her revelation:

First things first…somebody tell Kimberly Rule #24.5 is “Ain’t no crying at The Pynk!”

Do you think K. Michelle could have pulled off the role of “Mercedes” on “P-Valley?”


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1 thought on “K. Michelle Says She ‘Hurting’ Over ‘Mercedes’ Role In ‘P-Valley’: ‘I Auditioned For Months’ (Video)”

  1. I’m sorry. But no. I would not have watched if she got the part. Not a fan at all. I don’t care for her bully attitude. Or her thinking she’s all that. Not

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