Cam Newton addressed the Miami Dolphins trying to snatch his chain at his post-game presser, and he called out Christian Wilkins for doing a celebratory split after winning the NCAA Championship in 2017.

Cam Newton had a great game against an inter-division rival in the Miami Dolphins who are known to give the Patriots problems.

Cam was 15/19 for 155 passing yards, 0 interceptions, 75 rushing yards, & 2 rushing touchdowns.

Some of the Dolphins took offense to Cam’s swag on the field, and after the game, they tried to snatch his chains.

Watch clip below:

Judging from the twitter vid, they did snatch one of Cam’s chains off even though Cam made it seems as if he didn’t get any chains snatched off at his post-game presser.

To Cam’s credit he was tempted by reporters to go into more detail about the incident, but he held his cool and diverted the conversation back to how the Patriots won the game.

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Cam did admit that the incident got under his skin, and he said he checked himself when he realized he was talking to a guy who does splits.

That guy Cam was talking about is Christian Wilkins.

Christian Wilkins is the 24-year-old, 315 pound, 6′ 3″ defensive tackle for the Miami Dolphins who played college football for the Clemson Tigers.

Christian Wilkins was full of emotions and ready to dance the night away in 2017 when his Clemson Tigers defeated the Alabama Crimson Tide for the NCAA Football Championship.

Roll that beautiful bean footage!

Watch clip below:

What did y’all think of Christian’s split?

Cam had every right to be upset, but he did a good job suppressing his emotions and remaining professional.

I’m very excited to see how the Patriots do this year under Cam Newton’s leadership.

I can’t stand the Patriots, for personal reasons, but in Week 1 they provided me with a lot of entertainment.

Do you think the Patriots will make the playoffs this season?

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