Akon Says Men Understand Women Better & He Defends Nick Cannon ‘Spreading His Seed’

Akon recently appeared on “The Zeze Millz Show” and shared his philosophy on the nature of man, and he defended Nick Cannon having 12 kids.

According to Akon, human culture has so many domestic issues because we live by man’s law and not nature’s law.

During the interview, he attempts to drive his point home by explaining a lion’s culture.

The reason why there’s no conflict with other species when it comes to anything domestic is because they follow nature’s law.

Just imagine right… Let’s say a lion for instance, because they have the most beautiful culture that’s really relating to man.

Okay, you got the female lion and then you got the male lion…

Who’s the dominant lion in the family?… The female lion.

The man does what?… He finds a territory. He protects it.

So that way the female lion can do her duty and the cubs can grow to be old enough to go off and do the same thing they do.

Now when it’s time to hunt, the female goes out and hunt and brings the food back. Everybody eats.

The man just makes sure that this territory is protected and no other lion can come in and penetrate.

Now within the female lion there might be five or six other ones, but they’re all looking for the protection of the male lion.

The male lion will go off, and he will come back. 

Now if he goes off to mate and come back, when he comes back do you think those female lions are going to attack him?…

It sounds hilarious. It just sounds funny just thinking about it because that’s just not how nature provided us to be.

Men are natural breeders by nature this is who we are.

You can put a thousand guys on one corner, and you let one attractive women walk by and you’re gonna see a thousand heads go like this, like, ‘Damn!..’

They don’t even know why they’re doing it.

It’s just a natural instinct they just gonna look.

You could be walking with your girl on the side of the sidewalk, and holding hands, and a beautiful girl walks by, and she says, ‘Boy you better not look!’

It’s going to take everything in him not to look. He’s going to want to look so bad, but he don’t even know where that feeling is coming from.

And that’s just nature, that’s just who it is.

Akon then tells Zeze that if women took the time to understand men that they would control the world based on his premises that:

  1. Women outnumber men 15 to 1.
  2. Women are clearly way smarter than men.
  3. Women can multitask and men can’t.
  4. Women have the power to control men because women are receivers and men are naturally givers.

He adds that men give women everything they want, and the only difference is men took the time to understand women better.

Zeze immediately disagrees, but Akon continues to try to prove his point.

That’s the problem right there, women have never accepted the fact that we understand y’all better.

Why do you think it’s a man’s world?…

Zeze hears Akon out, and then she asks him if he agrees with Nick Cannon and the spreading of his seed.

Akon responds with an emphatic “100 percent.”

100 percent! I agree with him 1000 percent!

That’s how life is supposed to be…

Why not?…

He’s rich, he’s responsible….

He takes care of everyone of those children…

And the baby mother’s with it, and they hurt for nothing, and they live comfortably.

Zeze tries to tell Akon that it’s more about Nick’s time as opposed to his money and she finds it hard to believe he has the time to be there for all of his kids, but Akon claims Nick is there for every one of his kids.

He’s there for every one of them!…

Are you serious?… 

Nick is there for every single one of those kids…

I got nine, and I’m there for every one of mine.

My job is to raise my kids…

To be responsible, to be understanding, to protect their mother, to give hand with their father, and to assist with family planning, and to be responsible adults.

My job ain’t to be doing all that extra stuff that all these holidays and recitals, and all that.

Now guess what?… While I’m taking care of my responsibility to make sure the family has a roof over their head and food if I have the time to do that and show love, yes I would do that, but my responsibility is to make sure that they grow up responsible, strong, and become a real, you know, input to society…

Because communication allows me to be there every day. That’s what a FaceTime phone is for…

The reason why people like me can’t spend every single day and minute with their children is because the mother’s job is to be there with the children.

I’m the man. My job is to provide comfort so the mother can provide and raise those children to be like me.

Now if it’s a man, when a child gets a certain age, as a man, that’s my responsibility now to show him what a man’s role and responsibility is.

But, you can’t expect a man to conquer the world if he’s home with children.

As the conversation continues, Zeze realizes that Akon will not waiver on his idea of defined gender roles, so she agrees to disagree and changes the subject.

Watch the clip from “The Zeze Millz Show” below:

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  1. He conveniently left out that when the male of the pride loses a challenge to a younger lion, the victor will often eat/kill any cubs so the lioness will come back into heat and pass on his genes. In other words, ain’t too many stepdads in the lion world. People will pick and choose traits tho, won’t they.

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