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Judge Mathis Appeals To Black Comedians: ‘Stop Going After Each Other In Public’

Judge Mathis via Instagram

Judge Mathis is appealing to Black comedians to stop going at each other publicly. 

The iconic TV judge took to Instagram and shared a video where he implored them to work out their issues behind closed doors.

You’re embarrassing yourselves, you’re embarrassing our community…,” he said. 

Judge Mathis went on to say that he believes we (the Black community) are being laughed at by all of the major studios and their executives. 

He added, “You don’t see this among other communities.” 

Watch the video below. 

Katt Williams seemingly whacked a hornet’s nest when it comes to Black comedians after his appearance on “Club Shay Shay” and it’s been up and stuck ever since.

Judge Mathis’ appeal comes a day after D.L. Hughley blasted Mo’Nique for talking about his family and then gaslighting him about it.

I appreciate Greg trying to be the voice of reason, but some of us haven’t forgotten when he dragged Wendy Williams.

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