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On Christmas Day, Juju took to social media to announce she is pregnant with her first child.

The former “Love & Hip Hop” star, whose real name is Juliette Castaneda, shared a video reel from her glamorous maternity shoot along with the caption, “God’s Greatest Gift 🎁”

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The mommy-to-be shared a second post with more photos from her maternity shoot with the caption, “My Biggest Blessing 🙏🏾.”

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Following her announcement, the floodgates of love opened in her comment section with everyone from Kandi Burruss to Porsha Williams sending their congrats!

Juju Pregnant - Congrats comments

Juju has not publicly disclosed who the father of her child is.

A couple of years ago, she was romantically linked to John Adkins (@ceo22wayz) and they reportedly tied the knot in May 2021.

JuJu marries John Adkins ceo22wayz in Vegas

It appears their union (if real) is over.

Many of us came to know and love Juju during her 10-year relationship with rapper Cam’ron.

They ended their relationship in 2017 and during an interview on “The Breakfast Club,” Cam said he loved the “Love & Hip Hop” star dearly and she was his best friend.

But, he admitted their relationship “just wasn’t fun anymore.”

Basically, it was kinda mutual. For me, it just wasn’t fun anymore.

I met Juju in 2002. She was my friend before we even started being serious. That was my homegirl and everything was fun.

Cam went on to say how Instagram negatively impacted their relationship.

Basically, it just stopped being fun.

When Instagram came out, it was fun in the beginning and then it started getting serious, ‘Why you following her’ or ‘You liked that person’s picture’ or ‘People are saying this.’

Regardless of who the father is…I wish Juju a very happy and healthy pregnancy.

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