Jermaine Dupri (Courtesy of Hulu)

Jermaine Dupri took to social media to share an encounter he had with an aspiring rapper that messed with his spirit.

The super producer tweeted that he met a new rapper, E Heard, at Lenox Mall who offered him $10,000 just to listen to his music.

Jermaine inquired where the eager rapper was from and he told him Alabama.

When Jermaine Dupri advised E Heard to “turn up” his hometown to generate a buzz for his music, he informed JD that in small towns “they’ll kill you if you look like we look.”

Jermaine shared, “That kinda f**ked me up.”

See his original tweet below.

For the record, Jermaine said he did not take E Heard’s money.

Listen to E Heard’s music below.

You may recall that Lil Boosie once said that most rappers get killed in their own city.

What a horribly sad reality.

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