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Nicci Gilbert shared a video on social media of herself removing all of her plaques and awards associated with Tory Lanez after his guilty verdict.

The caption on the video read, “The jury has spoken…I can’t accept or support violence against women. I hope everyone involved heals from this..”

You may recall that Tory sampled Brownstone‘s 1995 hit single, “If You Love Me,” for his 2016 single, “Say It.”

The song was a huge hit and as a result, Nicci Gilbert received multiple plaques and ASCAP awards because of the sample.

In her lengthy and sometimes contradictory statement, Nicci said “the jury has spoken” and she “respects the jury’s decision” in finding Tory Lanez guilty of shooting Megan Thee Stallion.

She goes on to say, “At the same time I support Meg and I believe her.”

Nicci also added, “I stand with MTS as an advocate for women and girls.”

If that’s truly the case, Megan has said (for two years) Tory shot her.

Read Nicci Gilbert’s full statement below.

The Jury has spoken and I respect the jury’s decision. I hate to see another young black man going to jail, especially days before Christmas. I feel terrible for his children and family…Honestly I feel bad for Tory.

At the same time I support Meg and I believe her. It’s a shame that our community is so broken that we relentlessly attack victims, but I get it. Hurt people hurt people…This victory was a win for all victims and hopefully sent a strong message.

I stand with MTS as an advocate for women and girls.

I pray for Tory as an advocate for artists and creatives. Tory is a young black man, who became super famous very quickly. This made him a talented creative who lacked the emotional intelligence and development needed to navigate that kind of success. He made a very poor decision, but I believe he will come out of this a better man and artist.

I sincerely hope the entertainment industry sees this as an opportunity to put more resources into artist development and overall wellness.

The artists you see as a windfall are falling hard and the impact on our community is devastating. Artists have too much access to too many people, who are triggered in one way or another by their successes and failures.

I’m taking these awards down in protest of Violence against women. I will not tolerate it under any circumstances. Before y’all ask me to give some money back from the single…I’m still waiting on that paperwork from 2015🤷🏾‍♀️

See the original post below.

Nicci’s video of herself clearing the energy of her Tory Lanez plaques and awards has left the public divided on whether she is being sincere or seeking attention on Quinta Brunson‘s internet.

India Arie chimed in to offer this bit of advice:

Not that you asked me. Sacrificing yourself in protest is not needed. This is what I learned from my fight with Spotify. The industry will be the same whether you sacrifice yourself or not.
IMHO keep your money, and use it for your goals. We all know you do good work in the world.
Clearing up your HOME SPACE of the plaques … if it feels good to you do it.

Focus on what’s best for YOU.
*big hug*
Nicci responded, “Thank you, sister! Clearing energy, the room feels lighter ✨”

Others on Instagram didn’t buy into Nicci’s act of solidarity.

Read a few comments below.

“Ms Nicci love to jump in somebody’s moment 😭 she put them plaques right back up after she cut the cameras😫🤣”

“She could have quietly removed them without making it public.”

“Did we really need a video of her taking those plaques down?…🙄”

“I can’t stand people who do things after the fact for attention. It should’ve been done in the beginning.”

Nicci Gilbert recently made headlines after she accused P-Valley” of exploiting children in the opening credits of the show amid her ongoing lawsuit.

For the record, I believe everyone has the right to be considered innocent until proven guilty.

Unfortunately, I have seen innocent men convicted and sometimes given the death penalty when George Zimmerman was acquitted by a jury.

What are your thoughts on Nicci removing the Tory Lanez plaques and awards?

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