Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford passes away at 46

Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Passes Away At 46

Former Toronto mayor Rob Ford, who was disgraced by a crack scandal while in office, passed away on Tuesday after a battle with cancer.
Brussels attack

Terrorist Attacks On Brussels: 34 Killed In 2 Explosions At Airport, 1 At Subway

Tragedy struck Brussels, Belgium early Tuesday morning when two explosions at the Brussels airport and one explosion at the subway station claimed 34 lives and injured 170 others.
Atlanta man pours boiling water on gay couple

Atlanta Man Pours Boiling Water On Gay Couple As They Slept (Video)

An Atlanta man has been charged with two counts of aggravated battery and may face federal hate crime charges after he poured boiling water on a gay couple as they slept.
Tyshawn Lee father Pierre Stokes charged with shooting 3 people

Father Of Slain 9-Year-Old Tyshawn Lee Charged With Shooting 3 People

Tyshawn Lee's father, Pierre Stokes, has been arrested and charged with shooting two men and the girlfriend of one of the suspects in his son's murder.
John Franklin McGraw - Trump supporter arrested for punching black protester

Trump Supporter John Franklin McGraw Arrested For Sucker-Punching Black Protestor – See Video!

A Donald Trump supporter John McGraw was arrested on Thursday after video of him sucker-punching a black protester surfaced online.
Ohio police officer Lee Cyr fired Facebook MarShawn McCarrel

Fairborn Cop Lee Cyr Fired After Calling Black Lives Matter Activist MarShawn McCarrel’s Suicide...

Lee Cyr, the Fairborn, Ohio police officer who celebrated the suicide of Black Lives Matter activist MarShawn McCarrel in a Facebook post, has been fired.
CDC- Half Of Gay, Bisexual Black Men Will Be Diagnosed With HIV

CDC: Half Of Gay, Bisexual Black & Latino Men Will Be Diagnosed With HIV

The CDC released an alarming report that estimates about half of all gay and bisexual black men in the U.S. will be diagnosed with HIV in their lifetime.