A 60-year-old Georgia grandmother and her 6-year-old granddaughter were kicked out of a Baymont Inn & Suites in Helen, Georgia, at night, for leaving a bad review.

The Georgia grandmother, Susan Legler, submitted the review after the Hotel.com app prompted her to do so.

She rated the room three out of five stars.

The review went straight to the hotel manager, Danny Vyas, who called the police and told them that a lady and a small child was refusing to leave the hotel.

The police asked if they refused to pay and the manager responded he would refund their money because they left a review stating that the room is dirty and the place is rundown.

Yeah, we are getting ready to refund because they have review that the room is dirty and the place is rundown.

I told them, ma’am we are going to refund your money because I know that you didn’t like the room and you have review us.

So we have all the right that you can leave the place and we are going to refund in full.

Susan said she heard some banging on the door and she opened it to find a police officer telling her she had to leave.

She said it was a horrifying experience and her granddaughter was crying “so hard.”

The police officer confirmed that the hotel manager could legally kick her and her granddaughter out of the room.

Susan and her granddaughter walked to another hotel down the street in their pajamas.

The hotel manager told 11 Alive news that he didn’t kick her out because of a bad review he said he kicked her out because she wasn’t happy with the room.

If double talk was a person it would be Diry Danny Vyas.

The police report revealed that Dirty Danny did kick her out because of the bad review.

He also didn’t refund her money until 11 Alive news contacted hotel.com, which was two months after she got kicked out.

Watch the 11 Alive news report below:

Dirty Danny has some karma coming his way.