Dollar Tree is about to pat our pockets and purses for an extra 25 cents by the first quarter of 2022.

One of America’s last true dollar stores said Tuesday that it plans to raise the price on a majority of its products to $1.25 for two reasons: product flexibility and profit margin.

Via CNN:

Selling stuff strictly for $1 hampered Dollar Tree, the company said, and forced it stop selling some “customer favorites.” Raising prices will give Dollar Tree more flexibility to reintroduce those items, expand its selection and bring new products and sizes to its stores.

Dollar Tree also said that hiking prices will help the company increase its profit margins by “mitigating historically high merchandise cost increases,” including freight and distribution costs, as well as wage increases.

Dollar Tree is currently trending on Twitter as the masses respond to the price hike.

Peep a few tweets below.

In spite of the price hike, Dollar Tree still deserves its flowers for holding steadfast to their $1 price point for 35 years.

The stores will also add $3 and $5 products to the stores to increase inventory options.

Depending on where you live.. this may not be news to you.

Source: CNN Business