Chaos ensued at the Atlanta airport on Saturday (November 20) after a weapon accidentally discharged leaving travelers and personnel terrified of a possible active shooter.

The incident happened around 1:30 p.m. EST near a security checkpoint at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport prompting travelers to abandon their belongings and run for cover.

The airport was on lockdown for about two hours and the Federal Aviation Administration grounded all flights for about 35 minutes.

The official twitter account for the Atlanta airport released the following statement:

There is not an active shooter. There was an accidental discharge at the Airport. There is no danger to passengers or employees. An investigation is ongoing, more information will be published on this channel.

At approximately 1:30 pm today a weapon accidentally discharged at ATL’s security screening area. There is NOT an active shooter at the airport. APD is on the scene. More information about the situation will be made available on our social media channels.

Operations at #ATLAirport are quickly returning to normal. The airport was declared all-clear at 2:57 pm. Passengers are being screened and flights are underway. The investigation into the incident is being conducted by law enforcement officials.

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More details via CNN:

Three people suffered non-life-threatening injuries, the Transportation Security Administration said in a statement. It wasn’t immediately what caused those injuries. Atlanta police had previously said no injuries were reported.
The incident began when a “prohibited item” was identified going through the X-ray at the security checkpoint, the TSA said. A bag search was initiated, and a TSA officer told the passenger not to touch the property. However, as the officer searched the bag, the “passenger lunged into the bag and grabbed a firearm, at which point it discharged,” the TSA said.
“The passenger then fled the area, running out of the airport exit,” the statement said, adding, “This was not an active shooter event.”

The investigation is ongoing.

I will update this post with any updates.

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