Jamie Moore, the mother of JaShyah Moore, has been arrested and charged with child endangerment.

The arrest comes hours after 14-year-old JaShyah was found safe and sound in Harlem after being missing for nearly a month. 

According to authorities, Jamie, 39, is accused of physical abuse and neglect. 

JaShyah had not been to school since it started in September. 

The teen and her 3-year-old brother have been removed from their mother’s custody and placed in child protective services.

Essex County officials said JaShyah Moore had been hiding after running away from home. 

She had cut off all of her hair and had been staying in different places, including a Brooklyn shelter.

The teen was ultimately recognized by a “good samaritan,” who was able to confirm her identity and alert the police. 

Officials said JaShyah did not want to go back home.

This is a shocking turn of events considering Jamie Moore was adamant that her daughter was not a runaway.

My daughter did not run away, an Amber Alert, right away, they should have put it in, but because it didn’t fit the criteria — what the hell is the criteria? For us to never see her again?

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Source: ABC7NY and CBS New York