The judge presiding over the murder trial for the three men accused of chasing down and killing Ahmaud Arbery denied the defense’s request for a mistrial on Monday.

Attorney Kevin Gough, who is representing William “Roddie” Bryan, argued that the presence of prominent civil rights leaders in public courtroom creates an unfair “atmosphere” for the defendants.

Counsel for Travis McMichael and Gregory McMichael joined Gough in calling for a mistrial. 

Gough has asked Judge Timothy Walmsley to kick Rev. Al Sharpton out of the courthouse and he’s also asked the judge to remove Rev. Jesse Jackson

He stated in court, “We don’t want any more Black pastors in here.”

Walmsley called Gough’s comments on the matter as “reprehensible” and denied both of his requests to have the leaders removed from the courtroom. 

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Rev. Jesse Jackson showed up In a Brunswick, GA. courtroom on Monday (November 15) to support Ahmaud Arbery’s family.

After hearing of Gough’s complaint and his name being brought up, Rev. Jesse Jackson said the motion was “unacceptable” because a “public trial involves public observation.”

He also said he planned to show up in court.

Rev. Jackson made good on his promise, and attorney Gough doubled down on his plea to ban Black pastors from the courtroom.

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The judge denied the motion again.

Perhaps attorney Gough should focus his energy on the case instead of who is in the courtroom.

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Source: TMZ