50 Cent and Yung Miami ( via Instagram)

In a rare occurrence, 50 Cent extended grace to Yung Miami after he trolled her and she explained why she called herself a “wh-re” during her interview with Jason Lee.

Curtis shared a clip from the interview along with the caption: 

🫢 it’s ok to be a wh-re just make sure your being over paid. See a Sucker, catch a Sucker, Suck a Sucker dry. You go girl LSW 😵LOL 

See his original post below. 

‘I Am Not A Prostitute’

Yung Miami, who has been radio silent regarding the sex worker and drug mule allegations, took to 50 Cent’s comment section to explain herself. 

The City Girls rapper wrote: 

I think this got taken out of context, it’s a gay slur “what’s up wh-re” is something my gay cousin always said to me.

It’s c-nt it’s a slang that we said to each other that’s what I was trying to explain to Jason because he’s gay and he got what I was trying to say.

I’m not a prostitute. I never sold 🐱a day in my life. & I hate how this is getting spun 😣

It appears Yung Miami’s explanation hit 50 Cent in the feels and he extended her some grace. 

He shared her comment along with the caption:

I like at @yungmiami305 I don’t want to hurt her, or her feelings I just put her in BMF she cool.

I think they was in a relationship but them other women LSW VIBES!

See Fiddy’s post below. 

Yung Miami Served At Houston Pool Party

Apparently, Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones Jr.‘s case isn’t the only lawsuit Yung Miami is named in. 

Over the weekend, the rapper and “Caresha Please” host was reportedly served with a copyright infringement lawsuit during her pool party in Houston. 

In January, Diddy was sued for unauthorized use of the “Act Bad” trademark in his song and music video (featuring the City Girls and Fabolous), and merch bearing the same name. 

Caresha took to Twitter to react to being served and she’s sick and tired.

She tweeted: 

I’m so tired of the internet & ppl f—ing with me everyday!!!

Tryna serve me some paper over MERCH that I’m not selling is LAME!!!

Like everybody wanna go viral so bad let’s go viral I’m tired!!!!!!!!

Like take y’all a– tf on! 🤮

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