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Less than 72 hours after dropping his Kendrick Lamar diss on “7 Minute Drill,” J. Cole has apologized.

J. Cole Apologizes For Kendrick Lamar Diss

After being criticized for showing up to a lyrical gunfight with a butterknife, J. Cole realigned with his higher self and issued a public apology on stage during his annual Dreamville Festival on Sunday night. 

Jermaine told the sea of attendees: 

In my spirit of trying to get this music out – I ain’t gone lie to y’all – I moved in a way that I spiritually feel bad on me.

I tried to like jab my n— back and I tried to keep it friendly, but at the end of the day when I listened to it, and it comes out, and I see the talk [people calling it trash] that s— don’t sit right with my spirit.

That s— disrupts my peace. 

J. Cole celebrated Kendrick Lamar as one of “the greatest to ever touch a microphone.” 

Cole also said that he hopes Kendrick doesn’t feel a way about what he said on “7 Minute Drill,” but if he does…Cole will take it on the chin. 

Watch below as J. Cole apologizes for doing “lame and goofy s—.”

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Social Media Reacts

As you can imagine, J. Cole is trending in the streets of Twitter as people react to him hopscotching in Hip Hop beef with K. Dot. 

Read a few tweets below.

With all due respect and full transparency – I do not believe for one millisecond J. Cole would have issued an apology if he didn’t get roasted for his candy apple response to Kendrick Lamar. 

“Higher Self” J. Cole has fired shots after plenty of folks without feeling remorse or apologizing.

But, I guess it’s different when Deebo snatches your chain.

WelpDrake…you’re on an island all by yourself.

Chile…that Big 3 talk folded faster than a white chair on the Montgomery Riverfront.

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