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Yung Bleu took to his Twitter (X) timeline and temporarily issued a public apology to his wife Tiemeria.

You may recall that the “You’re Mines Still” rapper was in the doghouse after a TikToker named Tenom exposed him for flying her out to New York City.

Yung Bleu clapped back at Tenom and did admit she was supposed to be a sneaky link, but his plans were derailed by her appearance, demeanor, and alleged odor.

In the apology posted on Tuesday morning and deleted a short time later, Yung Bleu praised his wife for being a “good woman.”

I would like to publicly apologize to my wife. I will never get on the internet and bash you no matter what you say out of hurt. Your such a good woman. Solid. Rare. and I love and appreciate you.

Bleu, whose real name is Jeremy Biddle, went to blame the fast life and the industry for his poor behavior in his marriage and his attempt to cheat on his wife with someone who allegedly smelled like mildew.

It’s alot that this industry bring. Its a fast life. And Sometimes as men we fall short of what’s right! But, I’ll never be stupid enough to lose what’s best for me.

In closing, Yung Bleu hopes his social media message in a bottle reaches his wife. But, in the meantime, he’s going to give it to God.

Hope this message reaches you somehow. Giving everything else to God from here back to the music and enjoying the love of my fans on tour! Family over everything 💪

See the original – now deleted tweet below.

Only time will tell if Tiemeria will accept Yung Bleu’s apology and take her “big teef” bae back.

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