Yung Bleu-Tenom

Yung Bleu took to the streets of Twitter (X) to respond to Tenom, the Philly woman who outed him on TikTok for flying her out and then acting like a “weirdo.” 

Tenom Tea Time

Tenom- Yung Bleu

During a TikTok Story Time, Tenom recalled how the rapper slid into her DMs, invited her to New York, and even paid $500 for her to get her hair done.

But, when she arrived, she said Bleu wouldn’t acknowledge or talk to her on the private jet, in the car, at the hotel, or when they were out to dinner. 

So, she eventually grew tired of him being a “weirdo” and bounced.

Yung Bleu’s Wife Is Seeking A Divorce Lawyer

Yung Bleu’s wife, Tiemeria, took to her Instagram Story and aired him out after she was alerted to Tenom’s post. 

Tiemeria said the rapper fled their marital home after he was busted and that she was looking for Georgia’s best divorce lawyer. 

Bleu Speaks Out

Yung Bleu took to his Twitter timeline to respond to Tenom.

The “You’re Mines Still” rapper admitted that he planned to do dirt with Tenom, but when she arrived her demeanor and hygiene prompted him to make her a sidekick for the day. 

I let u be a tag along fa the day true. But U went back home in a Uber with hunger pains cuz you was loud and Hygiene wasn’t up to my standards. Had a lil smell that engulfed the plane. Nails dirty, shoes 2 sizes to big with a lil dust on em. So yea. U was a link up that turned to a side chick that day cuz I was being respectful and ain’t wanna send you back and hurt ya feelings. Ain’t get no d**k or no vibes tho. Hope u enjoyed ya stay tho lil mama. 

In his now-deleted tweets, Yung Bleu also alluded to the derailed tryst happening over six months ago. 

I be quiet in my lil bubble don’t come bothering me then when I tell the truth act like I’m clout chasing never needed clout I’m tell the truth never said it was a 🐱 smell. But, her clothes had a smell that manifested through the whole plane. Idk if it was mildew or what. That’s why I acted like I did u came to social media 6 months later for answers and u got it. I woulda kept that to myself cuz I’m 💯

I guess Bleu is hoping the timeline will help him get his wife back.

We’ll see if it works!

Social Media Reactions

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