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Yung Bleu’s wife, Tiemeria, is looking for Georgia’s best divorce lawyer after the “You’re Mines Still” rapper was exposed by a woman on TikTok.

Tenom Spills The Tea

Tenom- Yung Bleu

The shizznit hit the fan when a Philly woman on TikTok with the handle “Tenom” decided to share a Story Time about how the rapper slid into her DMs (and ultimately wasted her time) when he saw a viral video of her showing off her super-long tongue.

Tenom, who uncannily sounds like Jess Hilarious, went on to detail how Bleu invited her to go with him to New York where he was working on a soundtrack for “Power.”

She obliged and he paid $500 for her to get her hair done.

But, her excursion with Yung Bleu was nothing like she expected it to be.

Tenom said he brought her with him on his private jet, but never said a word to her or acknowledged her during the flight. 

After landing, they got into a car with five other men. 

Bleu remained silent and did not introduce her to the other passengers in the vehicle. 

Eventually, Tenom tells the rapper she’s hungry and he responds, “Girls always hungry. I could go two or three days without eating.”

She also noted that prior to their trip, Yung Bleu requested that she not be on her phone during their trip. 

So, Tenom was taken aback when they finally went out for dinner, and everyone, including Bleu, was glued to their cellphones.

Tenom added that she was in Yung Bleu’s phone as “Philly Stylist,” but she was totally okay with that and down to do whatever on their trip to secure the bag. 

But, Yung Bleu’s weirdo behavior became too much for her to tolerate and she tapped out.

Click here to watch Tenom’s TikTok video.

Yung Bleu’s Wife Threatens To Divorce Him

Yung Bleu’s wife, Tiemeria, took to her Instagram Story with her own Story Time about how her husband behaved when she was alerted to Tenom’s TikTok video.

She detailed how jumped out of bed and ran out of the house. 

After watching Tenom’s video which was loaded with receipts, Tiemeria knew her accusations about Bleu were true. 

“This b**ch is not lying on you at all. She got so many motherf**kin receipts.” 

Tiemeria added that she was not about to chase Bleu, whose real name is Jeremy Biddle, and he’s not coming back into their house. 

“I hope Boosie come get your motherf**kin a**. He ain’t got no car keys, he ain’t got no house keys, he can’t get in this motherf**ka. So, he’s going to be outside tonight unless one of you b**ches come get him.”

Tiemeria took to her IG Story writing:

N***a stay tryna fly b**ches out don’t nobody wanna lick on that short a** d**k y’all can have his desperate b**ch a** big teeth a** b**ch that hoe not lying yo dirty a** b**ch.

Sissy b**ch

Then, got the nerve to put somebody on that 1800’s a** plane wings bug to fly off that b**ch I’m embarrassed so now I’m finna embarrass you b**ch.

I need the best divorce lawyer in Georgia. 

See her posts below. 

Yung Bleu wife Instagram Story posts

Listen to the audio via TSR.

Welp. Yung Bleu appears to be in red hot water!

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