Xscape & SWV Talk About Overcoming Issues Within A Group

The ladies of Xscape and SWV recently appeared on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” and talked about how they learned to overcome group issues.

The iconic girl groups appeared on the show to promote their new Bravo series “The Queens of R&B,” and the interview was fun and cute at first, but it got real when Kelly started asking them questions about overcoming group issues.

Kelly asked LaTocha Scott of Xscape, “So LaTocha, you said that you were not excited about this tour. Why is that?”

LaTocha responded:

Well, in the beginning, it was that we had, like, kinks to iron out, right?…

And so when you go through those types of things you never wanna bring somebody else in.

It’s like having a family dinner, right?

And everybody’s having fun, and all of a sudden we get at odds, and then you invite someone else over and it’s like that’s unfair to them…

And that’s just not what it is.

And you talked about ‘Survivor’, this was our Survivor.

Earlier in the show, Kelly talked to Taj (Tamara Johnson-George) of SWV about being on the reality show “Survivor,” and Taj admitted that she had no idea what she was getting herself into and that she would never do the show again.

Kelly asked Tamika Scott of SWV, “So Tamika as sisters, you and LaTocha don’t always get along as we were just saying. So do you feel like it’s hard for you personally… Is it hard for you to, like, be open?”

Tamika responded:

Sometimes it’s hard, not just me and my sister, but all of us like sisters.

But it, you know, the misconception is we’re arguing, but we just talk loud when we talk.

So it don’t mean we having an argument. We’re just having a loud conversation.

Kelly also asked Leanne “LeLee” Lyons of SWV how they managed to stay together for 30 years.

LeLee responded:

Sometimes we don’t!

You know, but we have such amazing fans, and sometimes the journey is more important than the problem.

And I think that’s what… that’s why we’re here today as well as Xscape.

You know, we love each other, but sometimes, what sister you know, that you don’t have a fight with?

You don’t have a problem with?

It’s normal, you know? 

But we are stronger together than we are apart…

We grew up in this industry. We were young, we were teenagers. 

So our journey, we were learning lessons as we went along.

And sometimes we just… we’re getting it right in the public. You know, we’re growing in the public, so that’s what you guys see.

Coko of SWV added, “We’ve learned to respect one another. Cause we didn’t always respect one another.”

Kelly Clarkson was the perfect person to effortlessly pull these answers out of Xscape and SWV.

Watch the Xscape and SWV interview from “The Kelly Clarkson Show” below:


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