LaTocha Scott - Xscape - Soul Train Awards

LaTocha Scott took to the streets of Instagram on Wednesday evening to get a few things off of her chest in regard to her messy drama with Xscape.

The infighting went public when LaTocha claimed she “didn’t get the memo” regarding the group’s blue carpet look for the Soul Train Awards, where they were receiving the Lady of Soul Award.

Kandi Burruss called LaTocha out for putting out “false narratives” after she chose to use her own stylist for the awards show.

Now, LaTocha is speaking her truth by releasing a lengthy statement on her Instagram page where she began by apologizing to the fans.

First off, I’d like to apologize to all of the fans. 

It’s so unfortunate that I have to tell my truth this way. However, in this new space, I won’t be silenced by who has the bigger following. 

If I don’t say anything I’m dragged and if I do say something I’m dragged. 

From there, the singer laid out the details of why she used a different stylist, why she doesn’t speak to her sister, Tamika Scott, anymore, and the threat against her husband, Rocky Bivens, that led to her pulling out of Xscape’s upcoming tour.

I choose FAMILY and LOYALTY over Everything, but when my sister chose to disrespect OUR mother on a public platform, I literally couldn’t stomach it, and we haven’t spoken since.

LaTocha Scott closed her statement with, “I am trusting that God will restore and bring my family back together. This just hurts?”

Read her full post below.

Hopefully, sooner than later, LaTocha Scott and the rest of the ladies of Xscape will take us out of their group chat and resolve their issues privately.

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  1. Wow, Latocha, feel bad for you, so wrapped up in a man who is sleeping and having babies with other women, best stick with your family and not turn your friends away cause a man will leave yo ass high and dry and your friends will be gone cause you chose a no good man that you knew ain’t crap anyway cause you live with him.

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