United Airlines Passenger Arrested For Allegedly Trying To Open Emergency Door & Stab A Flight Attendant

United Airlines passenger, Francisco Torres, was arrested after he allegedly tried to open the plane’s emergency door and stab a flight attendant.

The incident occurred on Sunday (March 5) on a flight from Los Angeles. to Boston.

Francisco was tackled by passengers and crew members and detained with zip ties until the plane landed.

FBI took Francisco into custody as soon as the plane landed, and they are investigating the mid-air attack.

In the video that captured the incident, Francisco is seen yelling from a seat near the emergency exit, “Where is Homeland Security?”

Reportedly, he tried but failed to open the emergency door.

He then says he’s taking over the plane and pulls out a metal spoon that investigators say he turned into a weapon while in the bathroom.

45 minutes before landing, Francisco got into it with a flight attendant and allegedly tried to stab him three times in the neck.

The flight attendant is seen in the video defending himself while Francisco is swinging the weapon toward him.

Francisco made contact with the flight attendant’s shirt collar and tie.

A passenger is seen in the video grabbing Francisco from behind while he’s trying to stab the flight attendant.

Shortly after, the pilot announces:

This person is detained. Attempted opening of an external door, emergency door…

No serious injuries were reported, but Francisco Torres was charged with interference with a flight crew and using a dangerous weapon.

His charges could potentially land him in prison for life.

Watch the United Airlines “GMA” news report below:

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