Actors Duane Martin (L) and Will Smith pose for photos at the premiere of "Deliver Us From Eva" at the Cinerama Dome and after-party at the Sunset Room on January 29, 2003 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Will Smith and Duane Martin are trending in the streets of X (formerly Twitter) after Will’s former assistant Brother Bilaal made shocking claims about walking in on them engaged in a sex act.

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Brother Bilaal, whose name and photo appear in Will’s 2021 self-titled memoir, sat down with Tasha K for a bombshell interview claiming, “I can tell you what goes down on the inside. Everybody else is just speculation.”

In the teaser reel for the interview, which is slated to be released in full on Wednesday, Brother Bilaal shared that he was around before Will Smith welcomed his eldest son, Trey Smith.

But, he also admitted, “During the latter years of our relationship, Will was not my friend. I was his friend.”

In regard to Will’s marriage to Jada Pinkett Smith, Brother Bilaal said, “Jada was the woman that everybody wanted and Will needed that validation to have that type of woman.” 

Bilaal also shared his opinion on Jada and Will’s intimacy.

If a woman is used to something the size of a baby leg and you come in with a pinky toe there’s nothing you gone do to please her. 

You can buy her 80 cars, you can get her 80 private jets and she’s itching for that baby leg – she wants that baby leg.

The most shocking claim Brother Bilaal made during the interview teaser was when he claimed to have walked in on Will Smith and Duane Martin having sex.

Watch the clip below. 

Who is Duane Martin? 

Duane Martin is an actor, who is best known for his role as Robert James Sr. in the hit 2000’s sitcom, “All Of Us.” 

He married “Martin” star Tisha Campbell in 1996 and some blame him for coming in between Tisha and Martin Lawrence – which ultimately caused the demise of the classic series. 

The Martins welcomed two sons during their union, but Tisha divorced Duane in 2020 and the split got pretty nasty. 

Speaking of divorce, you may recall that LisaRaye McCoy, who co-starred with Duane in “All Of Us,” shared that she still hasn’t forgiven him for helping her ex-husband, Micheal Misick, cheat on her. 

When I introduced them that was one of the worst things I could have ever did.

Somehow within that relationship, I lost my husband to Duane Martin and they became better friends than what me and my husband did, and I couldn’t understand that for the love of God. 

He became disrespectful with introducing my husband to different women and women that we actually knew.

Watch the clip below.

Speaking of friendships…Duane has also garnered quite a bit of attention for his long-time friendship with Will Smith. 

Unfounded rumors and speculation have followed their friendship for years much like the ridiculous rumors that have followed Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King’s friendship.

It wasn’t until now that someone claimed to actually witness Will Smith and Duane Martin in a sex act.

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Do I believe Brother Bilaal? I believe he is the worst kind of “friend” to have. 

I also believe much like previous rumors, Will Smith will simply ignore the chatter and continue to live his best life.

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