YouTuber Tasha K

Tasha K was involved in a physical altercation at an influencer event in Miami over the weekend.

The popular and equally controversial YouTuber attended the We In Miami Podcast Influencer Party on Saturday night and at some point, all hell broke loose after Tasha said a man disrespected her.

In the video clip, shared on social media, the offender appears to be already catching a fade from Tasha’s husband.

Security is struggling to hold Tasha K, who is wearing a green dress and heels, back as she aggressively pushes her way back over to kick the man in the head while he’s on the ground.

As soon as the man was able to break free, he ran for safety.

Watch the brief clip below.

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Tasha K has not publicly addressed the altercation or video that is moving pretty rapidly through the streets of the internet, but this isn’t the first run-in she’s had recently.

Just a few days ago, she took to Instagram and shared that she was attacked by transgender women while hosting a reunion show for “Deja Vu” Season 2 on NowThatsTV.

I’m in the building, we’re ready to host and these MF came in the building fighting!

I have never in my life seen anybody fight the way that they were fighting.

When I tell you…my husband was fighting…my security was fighting…they even brought transgender women in to protect me from the transgender women that were there to beat my a—!

I had them MF sneaking me from every which way!

Watch as she gives the details below.

Update: The man who allegedly disrespected Tasha K took to social media covered in tattoos and band-aids.

He claimed he only gave Tasha a compliment and made a remark about her glutes.

Based on recent events, it may be time for Tasha K to go back into the house for a bit!

You in danger, girl! (Whoopi Goldberg voice)

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