Body Cam Trailer - Mary J. Blige

Paramount Movies has released the official trailer for their forthcoming action-thriller, Body Cam, starring Mary J. Blige.

About The Film:

While investigating the bizarre murder of a fellow officer, veteran Renee Lomito (Mary J. Blige) discovers a mysterious figure in their body cam footage. Haunted by visions of the event, she suspects something supernatural is targeting the cops in her unit.

Now, in a race against time to find the one person she thinks can stop these killings, Renee uncovers a sinister secret among the police force surrounding the shooting and cover-up of an unarmed youth.

Nat Wolff also stars in this intense action thriller.

Release Date:

May 19, 2020 on Digital

Watch The Trailer:

I’m not going to front, Body Cam looks interesting as all get out.

I just don’t know if my nerves can handle it.

On another note, I am totally here for Mary J. expanding her acting resume!