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Tyrese took to the streets of social media to ask his ex-wife, Samantha Lee, for his last name back. 

The Fast X actor and singer has a fresh pair of batteries in his back after doing an interview on the “Joe Budden Podcast.” 

To be fair, the interview has received rave reviews, but Tyrese has become more insufferable than usual on social media.

While chatting with the JBP, the “Sweet Lady” singer unleashed on his ex and talked about how Samantha Lee wants $20K a month in child support.

Watch the full interview below. 

Samantha Lee took to her Instagram page with a timely message about trust, wisdom, and setting boundaries with people. 

She wrote in the caption:

See her original post below. 

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. You can learn a lot about people by how they respond/react to certain boundaries you set.

The funny thing is, some people KNOW how they were doing you (probably worse than you even found out about in the moment) and yet you become the horrible person, the villain, in their story because you decided to set a boundary.

Call me what you want, but you not going to have full access to me and my heart WHEN you’ve PROVEN that you can’t be responsible or TRUSTED with that kind of access to me and my heart. It is what it is.

Proverbs 4:23 23 “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”

Samantha Lee doubled back to the post to note that her video was not in response to anything. 

****Yall this clip was inspired by a Bishop TD JAKES clip (clip is in my story) not in response to anything! People are trying to connect dots that are absolutely unrelated. I truly just desire peace.****

#Proverbs #Wisdom #Boundaries #Love #SelfLove #trustgodnotman #GodisFaithful #WomanofGod #WomenofImpact


Well, the blogs said Samantha Lee was responding to Tyrese’s interview so that’s what he chose to believe and he responded by asking for his last name back. 

The singer wrote: 

She wants to be famous, she wants the clout….. She had a whole baby and faked a whole marriage to get the BAG…..

3 law firms later…..just hear her out guys…..Please…

Zelie and I are over here decorating this tree and trying to take advantage of these Cyber Monday sales to come….

Swipe left and just know whoever this person is…

She hates my guts and yet her drivers license still says Gibson….Can you please run me my last name back? Soraya can keep it that’s our angel…..

Your trash a— birth name is Samantha Schwalenberg.

See his original post below. 


My heart goes out to their daughter Soraya Gibson, who I pray is well-insulated away from all of the bickering and negativity between her parents.

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