Tyrese Gibson files lawsuit against home depot
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Tyrese Gibson‘s former wife, Norma Mitchell, has taken legal action against the singer and actor for defamation following his public accusations and airing of private family matters. 

Court documents obtained by The Blast reveal Mitchell’s claims against Gibson, alleging defamation, false light, and public disclosure of private facts, among other charges. 

The contentious issue arose after Tyrese shared court documents on April 30, accusing Norma of owing over $25,000 in their daughter Shayla Gibson’s tuition fees. 

This public disclosure triggered a series of accusations and counter-accusations between the ex-spouses.

In response to Tyrese’s actions, Norma Mitchell’s lawsuit accuses him of cyber harassment, defamation, and exposing private information to his massive social media following. 

She argues that Tyrese’s public posts, which included allegations of criminal behavior on her part, were not only false but also damaging to her reputation and privacy.

One of the key points in Norma Mitchell’s legal filing is her concern for her daughter’s privacy. 

She highlights how Tyrese’s actions, such as posting unredacted court documents on Instagram, exposed sensitive information about their daughter, including her full name, birthdate, and school details. 

This breach of privacy is a central part of Mitchell’s defamation claim against Tyrese.

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The lawsuit also emphasizes Mitchell’s fear of potential harm from Gibson’s actions and his fans’ responses. 

She pleads with the court to order Tyrese to remove the defamatory posts and her private information from public view, citing the ongoing harassment and threats she has faced as a result of his public statements.

Additionally, Norma Mitchell seeks compensation for damages, including general and special damages, interest at the maximum legal rate, coverage of her attorney fees, and punitive damages to deter similar conduct in the future. 

She asserts that Tyrese’s actions have not only harmed her but also dragged their daughter into the public spotlight under distressing circumstances.

This legal battle adds another chapter to the tumultuous history between Tyrese and Norma, marked by previous legal disputes, including a custody battle over Shayla. 

Tyrese has all of this going on and he’s on Instagram minding the McKnight family’s business?

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