Jim Jones Calls The 'Joe Budden Podcast' & Drags Pusha T

Jim Jones recently made a call to the ‘Joe Budden‘ podcast to drag Pusha T and make it clear that they are engaged in a rap battle, not a rap beef.

The whole Jim Jones vs. Pusha T situation got started a few months ago when Jim Jones said during an interview that he doesn’t believe Pusha T is a top 50 rapper of all time.

Listen to Jim’s audio from an episode of the “Joe Budden Podcast” below:

Approximately two months later, Pusha T responded to Jim’s critique during Pharrell’s Louis Vuitton 2024 Men’s Spring-Summer Fashion Show in Paris, France on June 20.

Pusha T had the diss song playing in the background as he walked the runway with his brother No Malice, who is also featured in the song.

Watch the video of Pusha and Malice walking in the LV Fashion show with the Jim Jones diss track playing in the background below:

Joe Budden recently released a video of a hyped-up Jim Jones calling into his podcast to drag Pusha T over the diss song.

It appears Jim called the “Joe Budden Podcast” before he completed his response song to Pusha T and No Malice.

Watch the clip of Jim calling the “Joe Budden Podcast” below:

Listen to Jim Jones’ full response song below:

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