Tyrese Gibson Gets Vulnerable On ‘Sway’s Universe’ About His ‘Beautiful Pain’
Tyrese Gibson via YouTube

Tyrese Gibson was ordered to pay $653,944 in back child support, attorney fees, and court fees in an Atlanta courtroom on Tuesday (April 25).

$237,944 – back child support for his daughter Soraya.

$399,000 – for his ex-wife Samantha’s attorney fees.

$17,000 – for the special master appointed by the judge to handle minor disputes during the case.

The main issue in Tyrese’s child support battle with his ex-wife, Samantha Lee Gibson, is that he refuses to pay the $10k a month that he was ordered to pay last August.

Tyrese Gibson feels the $10k is too much, and the judge was biased and racist against him.

He also stated in court that Samantha makes well over $100k, and their daughter’s needs are beyond met.

We’re hoping to accomplish shedding light on Samantha Gibson making well over a hundred thousand a year, outside of what I make per year, and the necessary needs of the actual child are beyond met.

See a clip of Tyrese’s court proceedings from April 25 below:

Before the April 25 hearing, Tyrese made a video reaching out to civil rights attorney Ben Crump and Martin Luther King III to show up and support him in court.

Unfortunately, they did not show up.

The judge held Tyrese in contempt of court for not paying the $10k/month he was ordered to pay.

He could’ve gone to jail, but the judge gave him a break resulting in the $653,944 he owes now.

The judge did note that Tyrese has been paying $2,236/month in child support, but it’s not the $10k/month that was ordered.

The judge set May 15 as the due date for a $258k payment on the $653,944 balance.

Tyrese’s attorney, Tanya Mitchell Graham, plans to file an appeal when the judge’s order is entered, and the due date may get pushed back after the appeal is filed.

Attorney Graham also filed a motion for a new trial that will be heard next month.

According to Samantha’s attorney, Adam Gleklen, all she wants to do is co-parent their daughter, follow the court orders, and move forward in peace.

After his day in court, Tyrese went to social media to vent his frustrations.

He captioned his post:

I was told NOT to post this…
Let’s just hope I don’t get arrested today in Atlanta

Since I’m everything, but an honorable, honest man of integrity and a GREAT FATHER who love both of his daughters….

Let me go ahead and get this out of the way so that we can stay focused?
Here in the comments..

Narcissist, cringe, worthy, what more do you want from me?, Congratulations, cool?

Where are you comment? Please please please watch the whole video. You don’t have to like me. Love me not do you have to agree with me but I’m asking before you jump in the comment…. Hear me out and let’s discuss below….

See Tyrese’s original IG post below:

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Source: TMZ

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