Jalen Rose Responds To Phil Jackson Saying He Stop Supporting The NBA Because It Became Too Political

Jalen Rose recently took to Twitter to blast Phil Jackson for saying he stopped watching the NBA when they started putting slogans on the court and the back of jerseys.

Phil Jackson was referencing the NBA Bubble year (2020) where they put BLM slogans on the court and on the back of jerseys.

Phil made the following comments earlier this month on Rick Rubin’sBroken Record Podcast”:

I watched some of the game evolve and decided, and they went into the lockout year and they did something that was kind of wanky.

They did a bubble down in Orlando, and all the teams that could qualify went down there and stayed down there.

And they had things on their back like, you know, Justice and, uh, yeah, I made a little funny thing like, uh, you know, ‘Justice just went to the basket and, uh, Equal Opportunity just knocked him down, and, uh, somebody, uh, another name for a guy who has Jersey in the back of jersey had some other slogan.’

So my grandkids thought that was pretty funny to play up those names.

So I couldn’t watch that… The Lakers won actually. They won that year. And, uh…

They even had slogans on the floor, on the baseline.

Uh, it was catering, it was trying to cater to an audience or trying to bring a certain audience into play.

And they didn’t know it was turning other people off, you know, people want to see sports as nonpolitical.

Listen to Phil Jackson’s audio from the “Broken Record Podcast” interview below:

Once Phil Jackson’s comments hit social media, Jalen Rose and many others on Twitter wasted no time throwing verbal heat rocks at him.

Scoop more Twitter reactions below:

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Source: TMZ

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