Tamar Braxton fake clothes Atlanta
Tamar Braxton via Instagram

Tamar Braxton took to the streets of Twitter to share her dismay after realizing a few folks in Atlanta are apparently wearing “fake clothes.”

The engaged “Queens Court” star and singer tweeted, “Why y’all ain’t tell me people in Atlanta wear fake clothes? 🙃 I wanna go home. 🫠”

A fan commented and questioned why someone else’s clothes would bother Tamar.

They also reminded Tamar Braxton to remain “humble.”

Why would someone else’s clothing choices bother you 🤔?

You don’t know what they may be going through.

Stay humble.

Tamar quickly responded writing:

I’m humble. Just ordered a box of Fashion Nova. 😂😩😩😂

I’m just saying the 🧢n here is on another level.

People who yall think GOT IT don’t and it ain’t that serious 🤷🏽‍♀️

See the original text exchange between Tamar and the commenter below.

Do you take issue with people wearing “fake” or knock-off clothing?

Before she was judging Atlantans’ fake gear, Tamar Braxton and her fiancé Jeremy JR Robinson enjoyed a fun weekend getaway at the Baha Mar Resorts on Cable Beach in Nassau, Bahamas.

While there, Tay Tay had the opportunity to hang out with a few flamingos, but taking pictures with them proved to be a bit of a challenge.

Tamar shared a video clip of her experience via Instagram writing:

This weekend was so exciting. @rarebreednola and I took a trip to the BEAUTIFUL @bahamarresorts where I got the opportunity to visit with the stunning flamingos. Did you know they actually have a #flamingoyoga ✨ @bahamarresorts is the perfect getaway for just you and your hunny buns and even for the entire family.

See her original post below.

The flamingos are beautiful.

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