Tyrese sues Teddy Pendergrass widow Joan for 1 million over rights to biopic

Tyrese Gibson is continuing his legal feud with Joan Pendergrass, widow of the legendary singer-songwriter Teddy Pendergrass

The singer and actor star alleges that Joan is actively shopping a biopic about her late husband without his involvement, causing harm to both the project and his reputation.

In legal documents obtained by RadarOnline, Tyrese claims that Joan Pendergrass continues to promote and circulate the biopic within the film industry, using his name despite excluding him from the project post-2022. 

The Fast X star is seeking $1 million in damages, asserting that his production company, Voltron Entertainment, secured the rights to Teddy Pendergrass’ life story in 2011, with Joan’s approval in exchange for a $450,000 investment.

However, complications arose in 2022 when Joan refused to extend the deal by signing necessary paperwork. 

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Tyrese argues that Joan’s actions, including representing to third parties that he is attached to star in the project, have resulted in reputational damage.

In the latest filing dated November 28, Tyrese contends that Joan is falsely presenting herself as still collaborating with Voltron and himself for personal and estate gain, aiming to leverage their names in the entertainment industry. 

According to the documents, Tyrese believes that Joan’s conduct has not only “irreparably harmed” the biopic but has also significantly damaged his and Voltron’s professional reputations.

This legal dispute takes a toll on a project that had been in development for almost a decade, with Tyrese and Voltron investing time, effort, and money to promote it in the industry. 

Unfortunately, the biopic, which was once gaining momentum with Warner Bros., now faces derailment due to the ongoing disagreement.

The fact still remains that Tyrese had the rights to this biopic for over a decade and was unable to get it completed.

With this very public and nasty lawsuit between Tyrese and Joan Pendergrass, it would seem pretty hard to shop the project by telling people he’s involved with it.

Who do you think is ruining Tyrese’s reputation?

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