Benny The Butcher - Destini Fox
Destini Fox and Benny The Butcher via Twitter

Freddie Gibbs’ ex-girlfriend/baby mama Destini Fox is under siege in the streets of Twitter after she posted a photo with his opps, Benny The Butcher

Benny The Butcher - Destini Fox
Destini Fox and Benny The Butcher (via Twitter)

Benny reposted the photo via his Twitter account with the caption, “Chillin like a villain.”

You may recall that in 2022, Freddie’s beef with Benny resulted in him getting jumped by a group of men in Buffalo, New York.

Destini went viral for standing 10 toes down with her man despite them being outnumbered.

Destini Fox fighting to help Freddie Gibbs
Destini Fox helping Freddie Gibbs fight (via Twitter)

The adult entertainer was captured on video throwing hands in an effort to help Freddie Gibbs, who was under attack.

As a result, Destini Fox ended up having her chain snatched during the brawl.

Unfortunately, the alliance between Freddie Gibbs and Destini Fox dissolved faster than a Listerine strip after she told him she was pregnant. 

Destini insists Freddie asked her to have his baby and even shared screenshots of text messages from him saying, “I wanna love on u and raise a baseball player.”

In another message, the rapper wrote, “I want me, your dad, and our son to go to baseball games.”

When people questioned her loyalty after she posted the photo with Benny The Butcher, Destini tweeted, “He is refusing a paternity test, refusing to help take care of the child we purposefully brought here. I do not owe that man no ‘loyalty.’ LMAO Y’all smokin meth.”

She shared more text messages from Freddie Gibbs, writing:

Everything was planned then he switched up. Said he would still help me with the baby and after holding him down through whatever, the first chance he got to dip on me – he did.

But, y’all excuse it because he can rhyme words.

In another social media exhibit, Destini Fox shared a video of Freddie Gibbs talking about their relationship just two weeks before ghosting her and their unborn child.

The entire situation is incredibly sad and my heart goes out to the innocent child who is at the center of this tomfoolery.

But, on the bright side…Benny The Butcher gave Destini Fox her belongings.

Freddie Gibbs has not publicly responded to Destini’s photo opp with the opps.

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