A new chapter of domestic violence is unfolding involving Sarunas Jackson and his “Insecure” co-star, DomiNque Perry.

The former couple, who share a 5-year-old daughter named Zen, are entangled in a legal battle over custody, revealing a tumultuous relationship.

Earlier this year, Sarunas filed a “Petition to Determine Parental Relationship” in Los Angeles Superior Court, seeking joint legal and physical custody of Zen.

In response, DomiNque, who resides in Texas, opposed the request, citing ties to the state for their daughter.

The conflict escalated as DomiNque accused Sarunas of emotional volatility, intimidation, and abusive behavior spanning over the past five years.

In a bombshell declaration obtained by RadarOnline, she detailed instances of bullying, stress, and mental and physical abuse.

DomiNque detailed a March 2020 incident where Sarunas came to her home and things went awry.

She claimed, “Sarunas got heated in the conversation and began to repeatedly call me stupid, I then said to him, “you talk to your mother like that not me” at that point he became more angry and grabbed me by the throat and started choking me.

Sadly, their daughter Zen witnessed the act of violence and began to cry.

DomiNque Perry wrote:

The choking on his behalf is the norm. He is violent with women.

Afterwards there were several other times that he came to my apartment and would get angered for no serious reason and would start yelling at me.

On one occasion I told him that if he didn’t stop raising his voice in my apartment he would need to lead or I would call the police, he responded by saying ‘and then what?’

Since this incident I’ve always tried to just get alone and keep the peace. I’ve been traumatized by these experiences and so much more.

Actually, I’ve never felt love from the Petitioner’s family even though being accepted or supported would have been emotionally welcomed.

No one from his family reached out to show any support or extend any kind words or congratulatory kindness to me.

In his defense, Sarunas Jackson countered these claims, expressing confusion about the allegations and asserting that he and his family have always supported DomiNque.

He further claimed that her negative communications have jeopardized his career.

DomiNque has defamed my character to others, making them believe I am an absent father.

Her negative communications with others, including to peers in our industry, regarding her opinions of me have made me fear for repercussions in my career.

Earlier this month, KeKe Palmer‘s mother, Sharon Palmer, called out Sarunas for his hypocrisy in light of his brother Darius Jackson’s domestic violence issues.

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DomiNque responded by posting a gif on her Instagram Story, prompting mixed reactions and accusations of disrespect.

In a statement on Instagram, DomiNque clarified her intentions, stating that she would never mock a victim of abuse.

She hinted at having her own story to share but acknowledged the potential challenges of being heard due to her career status. She concluded with a firm belief in vindication and a reliance on divine timing.

I hope is that the custody battle between DomiNque Perry and Sarunas Jackson works out in the best interest of Zen.

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