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I am always here for sibling love! Tyrel Jackson Williams took to Twitter to show his brother, Tyler James Williams, some love after he eloquently addressed people who questioned his sexuality.

The “Abbott Elementary” star stated that he is not gay, but he admonished people who watch people looking for signs of gayness.

Tyler wrote in his iOS press release:

Overanalyzing someone’s behavior in an attempt to “catch” them directly contributes to the anxiety of a lot of queer and queer questioning people feel when they fear living in their truth.

Tyrel Jackson Williams tweeted, “I love seeing people realize the caliber of person my older brother is. He’s always been like this. He is genuinely one of my favorite people.”

Read his full thread of tweets below.

The way he handled my and our younger brother’s coming out should be studied. He COMPLETELY deconstructed his views on masculinity and made sure to build spaces for us to be comfortable and seen until we were ready to tell our friends/family. 

He read, recommended and then discussed Bell Hooks “We Real Cool” and “The Will To Change” with us. Listened to our problems. Gave advice when he had it and was honest and empathetic when he didn’t. 

We all rebuilt our definition of manhood together, brick-by-brick. And it was not easy work. But we weren’t doing it alone. 

THAT is gender affirming care. Someone allowing you space to, not only express, but discover yourself. Who supports that discovery without making it about themself or the ideologies of people who never mattered in the first place. 

Helping you find and access resources, then stepping back to let you engage with them however you need to. Because your identity is your business. 

One of the (many) joys of queerness that isn’t talked about nearly enough is the act of complete reconstruction of one’s ego. What you are is not what you’ve been conditioned to believe.

So you get to CREATE yourself. In your own image. Outside any arbitrary social constructs or expectations. To not just think outside the box but to discover the great deception of our patriarchal society: 

There never was a box to begin with.

We taught each other just how big the world can be when you decide for yourself who and what you are. What is authentic to you. That is how you be a f**king ally.

So I want to give Ty his flowers this pride month. A true representation of healthy masculinity and effective allyship. Give him all of the awards forever.

See Tyrel’s original Twitter thread about his brother Tyler James Williams below. 

Tyrel Jackson Williams, 26, is an actor and singer who has appeared in a number of movies and TV shows including the Disney XD series “Lab Rats,” “Brockmire,” Thunder Force, and “Party Down.”

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He is now a member of the music group, GroupTherapy.

Tyler James Williams has starred in multiple movies and TV shows including “Everybody Hates Chris,” “Dear White People,” Detroit, The United States vs. Billie Holiday, and of course, “Abbott Elementary.”

I love the love between these brothers!

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