TikToker Courtney Michelle started a firestorm on Twitter after she made a video stating Jayda Cheaves and Ari Fletcher are not goals.

In case you aren’t familiar with these ladies, Jayda is the mother of Lil Baby‘s two-year-old son, Loyal Armani, and Ari is the mother of G Herbo’s three-year-old son, Yosohn.

In her TikTok video, Courtney Michelle states:

I don’t relate to most of y’all because a lot of you look at people like Ari and Jayda, beautiful girls, but like that’s your goals… that’s what you want to be like.

Goals for me is the mom that pulls up to Whole Foods in the brand new Escalade with the Mima Xari stroller, her kids are decked out head to toe, she’s decked out, LuLulemon head to toe.

And it’s like 2 PM on a Tuesday. You know she ain’t got no job, but she’s living her best life.

That’s my goal!

Watch the video below:

Jayda Cheaves caught wind of Courtney Michelle’s video and responded in her comments.

After receiving a lot of backlash, Courtney Michelle’s attempted to clarify her comment:

Twitter had a lot to say about Courtney Michelle’s comments.

Scoop the tweets below:

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