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Rah Ali and Ari Fletcher are trading shade in the streets of social media.

It’s no secret the disdain these ladies have for run another runs deep, but things seemingly bubbled to the surface after Rah commented on an emotional scene between Ari and her father on the BET reality TV series, “The Impact ATL.”

In the scene, Ari broke down in tears as she expressed her desire to have a genuine relationship with her father aside from his excuses and complaints about child support.

Watch the emotional clips below.

Rah Ali took to Twitter (X) and wrote, “When you’re such a low life even your Daddy don’t wanna deal with you. He knew you were a demon from birth.”

See the original tweet below.

Ari Fletcher wasted no time responding with a few tweets of her own.

I been pressing old soggy b— all my life without even applying no pressure.

Keep eating crumbs from off the floor b—.

Rah I got your address and your social find you somebody to play with. Cause I’m feeling real like a real “demon” right now.

B— you not a bully. That s— don’t scare nobody.

Rah you ready to wake up out your sleep in cold sweats again. You know I get the best of you. I control you. Im finna be her topic for the next year and a half. You my slave b—!

See the original tweets.

Rah Ali reacted to Ari’s string of tweets by telling her to come and get her.

On a positive note, Ari Fletcher’s vulnerability with her father on the reality TV show helped others.

Hopefully, Ari and Rah will keep their beef online and not take it to the streets.

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