Rich Paul was trending on Twitter amid his client Ben Simmons suspension for “conduct detrimental to the team,” as Twitter ponders Paul and Simmons’ next moves.

Rich’s Philadelphia 76ers client, Ben Simmons, was suspended on Tuesday (October 19) for one game for being a distraction at practice and reportedly refusing to participate in some drills.

Simmons will miss the season opener for the 76ers Wednesday (October 20) against the New Orleans Pelicans.

According to reports, Simmons was a willing participant in Sunday and Monday practices which leads some to think that his agent Rich Paul may have something to do with Simmons sudden change of behavior.

The rumor mills are flooded with allegations that Simmons only returned to the team after losing $1.4 million dollars for holding out for a trade during the preseason, and some people think Paul advised Simmons to be a distraction today at practice in an attempt to force the team to trade him.

There are also rumors circulating that president of basketball operations for the 76ers Daryl Morey has implied that Simmons will not be paid until he is a willing and productive member of the team.

Twitter has been tossing all these rumors around and creating their own narrative.

Scoop the tweets below:

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