Ben Simmons showed up at 76ers basketball practice on Tuesday (October 19) with a whole attitude causing him to be suspended one game for “conduct detrimental to the team.”

He will miss Wednesday’s season opener against the New Orleans Pelicans.

Simmons was on the court in sweatpants with his cell phone in his pocket nonchalantly going through drills while his teammates were dressed in their practice attire and engaged in the drills.

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He clearly did not want to be there, and he reportedly declined to participate in some drills.

He was told to leave.

Simmons requested a trade from the 76ers after he was subliminally blamed, by his coach Doc Rivers and his teammate Joel Embiid, for the 76ers loss to the Atlanta Hawks in the playoffs last season.

Simmons vowed to hold out this season until he was traded until he was fined $1.4 million for missing four preseason games.

He ended his holdout last week, and he was reportedly a willing participant in Sunday and Monday practices.

His agent must’ve told him to start being a distraction if he really wants to be traded.

76ers coach Doc Rivers told the media that he felt Simmons was disengaged today, but he’s going to do all he can to give Simmons a chance to join the team.

I’m going to give Ben a chance to join the team and be part of the team. He’s under contract to be part of the team, and so that’s not going to change. Sometimes it happens quick and guys join back in. Sometimes it doesn’t.

76ers superstar center Joel Embiid admitted that he has not talked to Ben Simmons since his return, but Embiid made it clear that they are not there to babysit anyone and they need to focus on building chemistry with the players that want to be there.

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Despite what happened today, the 76ers are expecting Simmons to be at practice on Thursday.

Good luck with that!

The 76ers first home game is Friday night against the Brooklyn Nets.

Time will tell if Ben Simmons sees in action in that game.

Your thoughts?

Source: NBC Sports