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Delonte West was considered to be on the right track and working at a rehabilitation center that he formerly attended, but he had a setback Tuesday night in Florida.

According to a case report from Boynton Beach police in Florida, Delonte was in the police department lobby before 9 p.m. yelling and banging on the glass doors.

He was reportedly screaming profanities with an open can of Icehouse beer and an open bottle of Mango Vodka in his hands.

As he began to walk away, still screaming, officers ordered him to stop.

He refused, and officers commanded him to place his open containers of alcohol on the sidewalk.

Delonte complied, but according to the report, when he stood back up he placed his hands inside the waistband of his pants.

One officer grabbed his taser and continued to give verbal commands.

Delonte complied, he dropped to his knees, put his hands in the air, and he was handcuffed.

According to the report, once placed in the patrol vehicle, Delonte “continued to be belligerent and screaming profanities and obscure rants.”

He faces charges of resisting an officer without violence, disorderly intoxication, and having an open container.

Delonte has had a history of homelessness, addiction, and mental health issues since his professional basketball career ended in 2014.

In 2020, owner of the Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban helped Delonte get into rehab.

We pray that Delonte West gets the help that he desperately needs.

Source: WPTV